Would You Rather? Book Tag

** Heyyy fellow bloggers! I would like to begin today’s post by apologizing for leaving no trace in the World of WordPress for almost one month! The bright side is, now there are plenty of things I’ve written and can publish here 🙂  I have also been tagged for a couple awards and things, so I am getting back into action with those. Enjoy readers, and sorry about my ridiculous delay!!   -Kimberly **



(Special thanks to Sarah from @btweenthepages for generously allowing her readers to repost this great image!!)


Would you rather . . .

Have unlimited e-book money, or a $5,000 Barnes & Noble gift card?

E-books are crazy popular right now. Think about it: unlimited books inside of one little tablet?! Not to mention that one e-book probably doesn’t cost half as much as all of those novels combined. It definitely weighs way less than actual books. I get it: people love these things. Personally, however, I kind of hate them. Staring at screens feels like an extension of being on my phone or computer, not like a productive activity. Who could prefer curling up with an e-book by the fire instead of a nice thick novel? Maybe it’s just me.

Meet any deceased poet, or J.K. Rowling?

I’d say J.K. Rowling here. Harry Potter is just the pinnacle of creativity. It inspired legions of other authors to continue writing fantasy, and remains beloved to generations of people. Meeting writers such as Lewis Carroll and Edgar Allan Poe would be equally incredible; if this opportunity actually became reality, it would be a very difficult decision. But my willpower isn’t strong enough to pass up a chance to meet the Queen of Writing.

Write the world’s most famous book, or visit the world of your                                           favorite book for one day?

Hmm. This one is tricky because some of my favorite books are of dystopian genre, which means (as you Divergent and Hunger Games lovers already know) that I’m going to be dumped into Panem or post-apocalyptic Chicago, neither of which are very pleasant. And though it’s needless to say, writing a hugely famous book would be beyond amazing. In all honesty, I’d probably pass out if any story of mine was ever published, so . . . there’s my answer.

Choose ______ or _______? (Insert characters from your favorite                                           fictional love triangle.)

I will get major backlash for this, because I’ve only finished the first novel of the series (heh heh) but let’s all agree: Simon is not right for Clary. That spot is reserved for Jace. I don’t care if they’re siblings. (I’m not finished yet, but I have my suspicions about their relationship . . . sure, Valentine might be convincing, but why did they trust him?! He’s know for being manipulative.) I know it’s hard, but no spoilers, please 😉

 Experience Hogwarts in a very realistic and accurate virtual      reality, or travel around the world at one year for no cost?

        Travel!! This past spring break, I went to Universal and saw Harry Potter World– including Hogwarts. While the rides and rooms my family visited were great, I hated knowing how much of the castle was fake. Call me a Debby Downer, but seeing my second home in virtual reality (even a very realistic one) and knowing none of it was real . . . that would be a constant damper on the thrill of seeing Hogwarts up close. Besides, travel brings you to real-life places that might be inspiration for something new. (P.S. If anyone would like a quick list of some beautiful places I’ve been for a boost of creativity, I’d be happy to share! Comment your thoughts below :))

                                    Thank you for reading this post!!

To pass this great idea onwards, I am cordially tagging anyone who would like to complete this “Would You Rather” book tag!  



  1. I apologize for commenting on this post over a month late…BUT I wanted to anyway because I had such a good time reading it! 😉 I did this tag too, and I almost have all the same answers as you. For my love triangle I did Maxon-America-Aspen, but I think Jace and Clary were meant for each other, too. I only read the first couple of books in that series, but I could tell Simon wasn’t for Clary! Great post. 🙂

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